Are Coffee Grounds Good for Christmas Cactus?

coffee grounds on christmas cactus

As humans, we like to run off coffee! For many of us, we simply couldn’t survive in the mornings without it. But what if I told you that we are not the only species that enjoys a good ol’ cup of coffee? I’m sure you’ve heard the rumor going around, that indeed houseplants and succulents can thrive off coffee. In particular, it’s the Christmas Cactus, (also known as Schlumbergera), we will be discussing today. 

8 of the Best Cactus Care Tips for Beginners

cactus care tips for beginners

Cacti are great because they are low-maintenance and don’t need too much attention. That’s why they are the perfect beginner’s houseplant. They are classified as a succulent, which means their stems can store incredible amounts of water and this is why they can survive in high climates and often have a plump appearance. To get you started on your cactus adventures, we have put together our top 8 essential cactus care tips for beginners.